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Ananda Landscapes is built around the philosophy of helping homeowners make their dreams come true. We pride ourselves on the customization of our services to fit the individual lifestyle goals of each of the homeowners we meet.

For over 30 years, we have had the privilege of using landscaping as a canvas to help Calgary homeowners create the lifestyle they desire.

Creating an opportunity.

We begin our journey by setting up a meeting with you in your home. At this meeting, we ask you to discard your preconceived notions of landscaping and begin with a blank slate. This business idea has exceeded the expectations that our clients have. Our process does not focus on the components of your custom landscaping, such as the type of deck or plants you might like. We instead focus on the opportunity we are going to create for you. Maybe we will create the opportunity for you to entertain close friends and family, or even the chance for you to throw extravagant parties for your entire network of colleagues and friends. Or, maybe we are creating the opportunity for you to have a sacred space to enjoy a glass of wine and reflect on the day’s events.

What you can expect when we meet you.

When you invite us into your home, we will take the time to listen to your vision for your ultimate outdoor space. Based on our conversation, we will suggest ideas that you may not have ever thought were possible. Our consultation will leave you with an understanding of design and budget. We can also educate you on the merit of different landscaping materials, outdoor kitchen appliances and electrical components of the design. After our discussion, we will work together to create a design plan for your new, customized outdoor living area.

Questions we will have for you:

  • How do you currently live when you are at home? Who lives there – are there any pets, kids, parents, squirrels?
  • How would you like to live in the future? What does your ideal yard look like – how does it function?
  • How will you incorporate your new outdoor “room” into your lifestyle? Would you like to entertain? Would you like to host intimate get-togethers, or large parties?
  • Have you always wanted an outdoor kitchen? Or simply space for a new barbeque?
  • Do you find the sound of waterfalls to be soothing? Would you be interested in a koi pond? How about a hot tub?
  • Would you like a space that you can use year-round? Let’s talk about heat sources from outdoor fireplaces, fire pits, infrared heaters, gas heaters and fire bowls.
  • What about night lighting that changes with the seasons?

Complimentary Brochure

Download our brochure to get inspired and plan your backyard oasis.

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