Designing A Garden That Can Be Enjoyed All Year Round

Is your garden designed to stand the test of time? Although we normally associate gardens with blooming flowers, you should be able to enjoy your backyard after the flowers are gone for the season. When you have a garden with a beautiful structure, you will have aspects that are visually appealing through the fall and winter.

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Switching the Focal Point

The permanent structures that can make up your garden are pergolas, patios, paths and gazebos. Instead of making flowers the focal point of your garden, consider making these permanent pieces more artistic.

For example, a deck made out of a beautiful cedar will be nice to look at all year around. Ananda Landscapes actually has a cedar deck stain that will maintain your high quality deck for a lifetime.

Choosing Decorations

Adding decorative features along your garden path, such as statues, will make your path feel lovely for an evening walk long after the flowers are gone. Decorative fountains and outdoor water features can be nice to look at, even when there’s no water running. Of course, custom outdoor firepits and fireplaces can be gorgeous (and functional) focal points throughout the colder seasons.

 When it comes to greenery, Evergreens and other year-around plants are a great addition to a garden that might otherwise be bare during this season. Designing a garden with the every season in mind will allow you to enjoy all nature has to offer during the most beautiful times of year.

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