The cold Calgary winter months are almost over and spring is around the corner. The long winters can leave your backyard in a mess and with the cold weather, backyards tend to be neglected, making preparation for spring a daunting task. Since Calgary spends much of its year in the winter season, it means preparing your backyard for the spring, as early as possible is super important. So, Where do you even start and what should you do for your backyard? In such a highly connected world, inspiration and motivation can come from anywhere! Let’s start with 5 tips that will help you prep your backyard for spring!

Do your spring cleaning on time

Your first step to getting your landscape back in order, after the long winter, should be doing some tidying up. From leaves to branches many debris will have accumulated throughout the winter that will require some work to clean up. Simple tools found in your garage will aid you in making this chore seamless, such as a rake, a garbage bag and some elbow grease and this step can be crossed out.

Apply fertilizer, pre-emergent and weed killer

After all the snow has melted, plan to go to your local landscaping department store and pick up some fertilizer, pre-emergent and weed killer. The fertilizer will help make your grass grow healthy and strong throughout the summer months. Pre-emergent will be the next substance to apply to your grass, this product will help prevent crabgrass which is crucial to having a healthy looking lawn. Next, it’s recommended to use a weed killer just to be proactive to the weeds that are soon to come in the approaching summer months

Mow early, mow often

A big misunderstanding homeowners have is that cutting your grass once a week will be enough to keep it healthy. Contrary to popular belief in early spring it is much more beneficial to mow your lawn every 5 days for the first six weeks of spring which will result in the fullest most healthy lawn, in the summer

Pick a good, heavy mulch

After the previous steps are completed take some time to edge your beds and trim dead branches on your shrubs. Also take some time to replace your mulch to ensure your lawn is looking as fresh and maintained as possible. From research, wood chips and bark are the most popular types of mulch colors, although you can even use stones to good effect.

Trim your trees and shrubs

Trimming your tree branches is a chore most people turn a blind eye too. Most of the time it’s hard to tell which branches are dead which ones aren’t. If you don’t have the stomach for heights or just don’t have the tools to complete this step, hiring a tree trimmer is usually the go to for most people. Completing this task early, before the leaves bloom is preferred, as it makes this task much easier to complete.

We hope you enjoyed reading about the 5 easy steps to prepare your backyard for spring in Calgary. We’d love to hear from you! What do you think of the 5 steps we chose?

What are your 5 easy steps to prepare your backyard for spring here in Calgary? Let us know your thoughts!

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