Gardening in Calgary – that sentence alone is enough to make many locals shutter. Growing plants in a city with an eight month long winter, an average of only 117 consecutive frost-free days (Calgary Herald), and extreme weather patterns from droughts to floods, is a challenge to say the least.


Despite how it may feel when you jump the gun and plant your tomatoes before May 31st just to see them shrivel up, it is possible to extend your growing season and enjoy the fruits (& vegetables) of your labour for longer. What is the solution to the seemingly eternal struggle of growing in Cowtown? Investing in a greenhouse for Calgary gardening is the way to go.

Why Should You Have A Greenhouse In Calgary?

Greenhouses will only function properly in locations with plenty of sunlight – did you know Calgary is the sunniest city in Canada? The best possible home for a Canadian greenhouse is Calgary! Greenhouses are wonderful assets for gardeners in any climate; big or small, these glass structures are designed perfectly for letting in plenty of sunlight and trapping UV rays. A few reasons why the perfect gardening tool is a greenhouse for Calgary are;

1. Longer Growing Season

The number one reason why you need a greenhouse in Calgary if you’re wanting to grow greens for longer than 4 months is the extended growing season! Since temperatures stay more consistent in a greenhouse because of the sun’s radiation being trapped inside, greenhouse-grown plants have a 100% better chance of surviving cold winter days and frosty mornings than those that aren’t. Do you dream of eating fresh asparagus in the winter or plump tomatoes in the spring? A Calgary greenhouse is for you!

2. You Can Garden In Any Weather

Even during the summer, Calgary can have some harsh weather. Who wants to be out gardening under the scorching sun or in hail storms? A huge bonus of having a greenhouse in Calgary is that both you and your plants are protected from unfavourable weather! Spend the afternoon gardening while being dry from the rain in your greenhouse, relaxing while you tend to your future house plants.

3. A Wider Variety Of Plants

Have you ever read an article on the best flowers to grow in Calgary and felt disappointed when your favourite flower doesn’t make the list? Investing in a Calgary greenhouse will eliminate that worry! Greenhouses make for the optimal environment for growing a wider variety of plants, including tropical and exotic ones. You will fall in love with the list of the best plants to grow in your greenhouse and be thankful you are no longer limited to the hardiest of plants that can survive in Calgary soil!

4. Rediscover Your Love Of Calgary’s Wildlife

Don’t get us wrong – we love the wildlife that is often seen wandering the neighbourhoods of Calgary – but there is nothing worse than waking up to a family of deer making breakfast out of your prized peonies. If you wish that the sight of furry creatures in your yard put a smile on your face instead of a grimace, a Calgary greenhouse is perfect for you.

5. Grow Without Pesticides & Keep Friendly Bugs Inside!

A well-finished greenhouse has the potential to eliminate the need to use pesticides on gardens to keep them healthy and safe! A popular reason for gardening from home is that families know exactly what’s being sprayed on their food, but sometimes it’s necessary to take measures to keep bugs away when growing outside. When utilizing a well-finished greenhouse in Calgary, you should be able to let your plants grow free of any harmful pesticides or chemicals. As well, you can attract beneficial insects such as ladybugs and bees to visit your greenhouse in a controlled environment!

6. Save Your Money

Having a greenhouse is not just a benefit for your garden, it is a strategic investment for your family, saving you money in the long run. With the rising cost of groceries, families are beginning to resort to alternatives to shopping in the produce section. The initial investment of purchasing/building a greenhouse in Calgary will be well worth it in the long run when you are able to grow your greens all year round, not just during optimal summer months.

Are You Ready For Your Greenhouse, Calgary?

Depending on your needs and yard size, we can build the perfect Calgary greenhouse to fit your lifestyle. Whether your yard has room for a walk-in greenhouse or just a box with a window on top, you will quickly reap the benefits and fall in love with your new greenhouse. Maybe your yard needs a bit of TLC before it’s ready for a new addition, or some landscaping to best utilize the space that you have available – Ananda Landscapes is only a phone call or email away from helping you bring your landscape visions to life. With many happy customers served to date, our team at Ananda Landscapes is sure that we can make your backyard & gardening dreams a reality.