Is there anything better than the soothing sound of flowing water? Ananda Landscapes can custom design a water feature that adds ambiance and beauty to your outdoor living space.

There are several different styles of water features to choose from. A pond can add tranquility to your backyard. We can create a Koi pond water feature to bring Zen and reflection to your garden. A Zen garden could be the ideal landscaping design for you if you want your backyard to be a peaceful escape from your fast-paced lifestyle.

Think of a water feature as a functional work of art. If you want your patio to have an elegant European flair, Ananda Landscapes can design a one-of-a-kind fountain to be the centerpiece of your courtyard.

We can even use a water feature to divide up different spaces within your backyard. If you like to throw large parties in your outdoor space, it’s good to have multiple spaces for guests to congregate. Or if you like to enjoy quiet nights in the backyard with your family, you still might want separate spaces for dining and relaxing. A retaining waterfall can create multiple functional spaces and add calming vibes to your serene environment.

The most important thing for us when designing your water feature is that it fits your lifestyle. Part of our process at Ananda Landscapes is having a sit-down consultation with our clients to see what kind of outdoor space their individual lifestyle requires.

Contact us today to start the journey to your perfect backyard oasis! Also, don’t forget to download our brochure for even more landscaping inspiration. 


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© Copyright 2019 - Ananda Landscapes. All Rights Reserved. | Privacy Policy | Sitemap