Ananda Landscapes To Do Spring Landscaping Projects At The Calgary Zoo
Calgary Zoo has asked custom landscaping company for help on three projects

April 30, 2012 (Calgary, Alberta, Canada) – President Ron Jones announced today that Ananda Landscapes was recently asked by the Calgary Zoo for their assistance on three small landscaping projects this spring.

Ananda Landscapes worked on some projects for the Zoo back in 2008 that they were very pleased with, leading Head Horticulturalist Corinne Hannah to ask Ananda back for additional work.

“We very much enjoyed working with the Calgary Zoo in 2008 so needless to say we are excited to be working together again,” commented Jones. “It is a great opportunity for Ananda Landscapes to share some of our work with a wide variety of people.”

Jones was grateful as the Calgary Zoo is an institution that he himself holds in a very high regard.

“The Calgary Zoo is a wonderful place that has been enjoyed by Calgarians for many generations,” said Jones. “Ananda Landscapes is very happy to be contributing to the landscaping and scenery, and hopefully further adding to that enjoyment.”