Calgary, Alberta (September 21, 2012) – Ron Jones, president of Ananda Landscapes, announced today that the Calgary custom landscaping company is breaking ground on a new project that will be one the largest projects they have ever worked on. The total scale of the project will end up being seven acres, with about half an acre expected to be completed before the first snowfall of this year.

“We are thrilled to be taking on such an exciting project,” commented Ron Jones, president of Ananda Landscapes. “Phase one will be completed before this November, and then we will be commencing work again next spring.”

The property, which is in the south of Calgary, had a concrete patio and acres of rough grass before the homeowners hired Ananda. When the project is completed, it will include a large pond, two waterfalls, two pergolas, spacious outdoor kitchen and a large outdoor fireplace with a surrounding seating area. There will also be a 2500 square foot patio, two stone bridges, stone retaining walls, five overhead heaters and an array of night lighting.

“Ananda Landscapes is dedicated to working with homeowners to ensure we make their dreams come true,” said Jones. “The final outcome of this project will be a breath-taking retreat right in the homeowners’ backyard.”