Ananda’s Guide to Discover Your Perfect Backyard Landscape

by | May 29, 2017

Backyard Landscapes to suit your lifestyle

To build the perfect backyard landscape is subjective. Each person’s definition of the perfect backyard space is different. One family may want a backyard that is child-friendly, others may want to entertain adults with an outdoor bar, and some people’s definition of perfection is to have both. How do you figure out what your perfect landscape looks like?

Discover Your Ideal Backyard Landscape

Landscaping is more than simply deciding where the deck will go. Your backyard landscape is a canvas that you paint your ideal life on. It’s creating an outdoor space that inspires your desired lifestyle. Let’s discover what the life looks like! 



some things to consider when you are designing your backyard landscape: 

How would I like to spend my time outdoors?

Think about what kind of activities you will be engaging in while enjoying your outdoor space. Would you like to kick a ball or play fetch with a pet?Perhaps we can leave space for a children’s play centre or a spa for the adults.


How many people will be enjoying my backyard and what ages are they? Think about your visitors are there safety restrictions that we should put in place for young visiting families. Perhaps not, and we can install a deep koi pond. Do you have pets? If so, let’s make the fences high.


Do you like being outdoors but never have the time? Choose night lighting so you can admire your beautiful landscaping 24-7. Night lighting adds depth to your trees, feature walls and pergolas. Choose Ananda Landscapes we get to know you and then tailor landscapes to suit your lifestyle.

Backyard Landscape

Proudly Landscaping Calgary Properties For Many Years

With experience landscaping Calgary for many years, we know what will plant will survive in the tough Calgary conditions. If you don’t believe us, check out the Calgary Zoo, we designed and created that project!


From staged backyard projects to the Calgary Zoo we have the experience to turn your dreams into a reality. Our expert landscaping consultants will discuss your vision and create the perfect backyard. See the Ananda Difference!


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Are you ready to live the life that you have always dreamt of? At Ananda Landscapes, we build a backyard oasis that fits your lifestyle for years to come. Let’s make your dreams a reality!