Do you love bird watching? Us too! Attract local Calgary birds to your backyard space with adequate food, shelter and water. By maintaining a specific food supply, adding proper shelter and an outdoor water feature where birds can comfortably drink and bathe will make them a returning guest, perfect for the bird watching enthusiast.


Different bird species require a different set of seeds and grains; check out this list of birdseed for more information. Don’t forget that food can be placed outside year-round; it’s a misconception that bird feeders are only needed in the winter. Ensure that your bird feeder is cleaned regularly, and new food is rotated in. Also, make sure that bird feeders are placed in areas that rodents and other small animals aren’t able to reach; this will prevent the pesky critters from munching on the birdseed.

Bird shelters come in many different shapes and sizes and provide birds with the comfort and safety they need. Proper shelter can help protect birds from harsh weather, and will make them more likely to nest, a wonderful scene in the late springtime.


Birds are drawn to the sound of flowing and slowly circulating water, and they use bodies of water to preen (bathe) and drink out of. They bathe regularly in order to keep their feathers in optimal condition.

Here are some types of outdoor water features that we recommend to attract local birds:


Place the birdbath nearby the food source, so that birds will be more likely to bathe. It also helps if you place a few pebbles in the bottom of the bath, so that birds will associate it with a riverbed and will not feel overwhelmed by the depth. Birdbaths also come in many different types, you can try the dish, heated or pedestal, all are great options.


Waterfalls can cascade into ponds or work alone as a pond-less waterfall. Some birds will stand beneath a gentle waterfall stream for bathing, a serene sight to see.


Ponds are quite similar to a birdbath, but offer more space for a bird to bathe. Also with a pond, more birds are likely to bathe simultaneously, making for a great photo opportunity.

If your backyard has adequate food, shelter and water you can be sure that you’ll see some beautiful birds this spring and summer. Looking for more outdoor water feature ideas to attract birds in Calgary? Contact us today for design ideas specific to your outdoor space.