This summer, Ananda Landscapes was contracted to “fix” a backyard landscaping and outdoor kitchen job. The client had three main areas of contention: the outdoor kitchen & fireplace, the stairs, and the patio water drainage.

  1. The previous landscaper had built an outdoor kitchen and fireplace, but the granite countertop was ill-cut. They had used only a handheld saw to cut the granite, leaving a very jagged line. Also, there was scoring on top of the countertop, making it look like an amateur job.
  2. Moreover, there were gaps between the fireplace and the countertop, resulting in water leakage, proving that it wasn’t properly measured or sealed. The client had requested that the previous contractor make it right, and they attempted to, but just didn’t have the expertise to fix the problem.
  3. The client had a set of stairs that they wanted to update but were quoted $20-30K, which is an unreasonable price.
  4. Due to the initial build, there were issues with the drainage on the patio. The far end of the bar was too short (with the stand-up stool), resulting in significant water build-up.

Before Photos:


Before – Kitchen Countertop Crack


Before – Outdoor Kitchen


Before – Patio

After listening to the client’s requests, Ananda’s goal was to show this client their professionalism and expertise. After Ananda rectified these issues, this was what the client said:

“We contracted Ananda Landscapes to “fix and complete” our backyard BBQ Center project that was initiated by a prominent local landscaping company. We were immensely impressed with the 3 points of contact involved in the project: Ron (the owner) demonstrated great ethics and creativity in coming up with a plan to salvage the mess the previous contractor left, Peter (the foreman) ensured we received a high quality/value result and Jennifer (the designer) was very helpful and understanding in coordinating communication, timing and invoicing. The project was efficiently completed in a remarkably short time and we paid exactly what was quoted.

In retrospect, we wish we would have originally contracted Ananda Landscapes as we know we would have had a much better experience and received exceptional value. I highly recommend anyone considering a project to contact Ananda Landscapes “first”; I know our friends will. Thank you to the Ananda Team for doing such a fine job and restoring our faith in contractors.” – Jay and Gabe

After Photos:

yard early 2016 004yard early 2016 019

yard early 2016 016








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