If you’ve ever been to Europe, you may have had the opportunity to experience the horticultural masterpieces that attract people from all over the world. Regal gardens along palaces and castles can be seen throughout most of Europe. These gardens bring the art of greenery shaping and true natural symmetry to the forefront.

Do you desire to bring a little bit of European flair to your backyard space? Here we describe how adding allèes, garden spheres, curved hedges or parterres can create a unique space unlike any other.


An allèe is essentially a walkway lined with trees or tall shrubs. A walkway could take the form of the pathway into your backyard or the area around your backyard courtyard. Usually surrounding the trees or tall shrubs are carefully sculpted hedges. A hedge type that grows well in Calgary is the cotoneaster, one of the most versatile and hearty hedges.

Garden Spheres

The sphere is a spectacular shape, and can be seen both in greenery and other non-organic materials. Adding a garden sphere to your backyard-landscaping project will add a regal touch. Although boxwood is commonly used as the greenery of choice for garden spheres, it often does not adapt well to weather in Calgary. One great option is the Mugo Pine. As there are many different varieties of this pine check with your local garden center for what varieties they offer.

Curved Hedges

Curved hedges often surround pathways or are used as a border for property edges. A great one to use in Calgary is the interestingly named Powderface Willow. This type of willow has a beautiful mix of silvery-blue and green and creates a spectacular hedge.


A parterre is a formal symmetrical garden or a shaped hedge that is constructed on a flat surface and surrounded by a gravel border. They’re usually created to add dimension to a flat space. In Europe, parterres are commonly seen in regal gardens and usually take the shape of a coat of arms, a monogram or a symmetrical pattern. If a parterre is hard to imagine, picture the gardens from Alice and Wonderland (except more traditional).

If you’re missing Europe, or just want to bring a European landscaping element to your backyard, we can help. Contact us today on how we can give your backyard the regal touch that you desire.