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Outdoor lighting is the guest that is always welcome at your home. A beautiful backyard disappears without lighting, and worse, poor lighting creates a tripping hazard. Modern lighting practices can be used artistically to highlight the most beautiful elements of your backyard. Imagine your 10 foot Green Ash tree being looked up upon by lighting that highlights each leaf, illuminating the greens. Lighting can create a real ambiance that will light up your life!

Features of outdoor LIGHTING

We build lighting that adds drama to your yard and enhances patio use in the evenings. Use night lighting to improve safety, security, and for extending entertainment after hours. Transform your outdoor space using a variety of materials:

Up Lights • Down Lights • Flood Lighting • Underwater Lights • Path Lighting • Surface Lighting • Spot Lights  • Patio Lighting 

Patio Lighting

Light up your entertaining area with soft lighting rather than bright or harsh light. Soft lighting for your patio flatters you and your guests. This lighting is romantic, creates delicate shadows, and exudes a feeling of comfort and relaxation.



When designing a landscape, outdoor lighting is often forgotten. This is a shame, because with the right lighting, you can enjoy your yards into the beautiful Alberta night without issue. Outdoor lighting enhances the atmosphere of your outdoor landscapes. Spotlights, hanging lights, and uplights all add different elements to your landscape. We look at the overall decor of your yard and see what we should shine some light on.

Installing lighting once the yard has been created can be costly. It is important to think about lighting before moving forward with a project. Having a landscaping consultant advise you on your outdoor lighting design is important for the longevity of your backyard set up.

Benefiting your lifestyle

Discover the beauty of the Calgary outdoors after hours with outdoor lighting. Do you feel like something is missing from your backyard, or maybe you aren’t enjoying the outdoors are much as you would like? Visualize yourself relaxing in your oasis, overlooking your beautifully lit yard whilst entertaining with friends that are glowing on your patio.

Building Ambience with Ananda:

Surround yourself with the beauty of your backyard throughout the night. Ananda Landscapes’ outdoor lighting designs focus on featuring your favourite elements of your outdoor space. Lighting doesn’t just create an ambiance, it serves practical purposes as well such as reading into the night. Ask yourself these questions:

  1. What is your favorite backyard feature? 
  2. Where will you and your guests be sitting?
  3. Do you have existing lighting in your place?

Bring your
outdoor oasis


"I definitely would recommend Ananda to anyone looking to renovate their backyard. The product we came out with is phenomenal!"

We have worked with many wonderful clients and have designed and constructed a wide variety of landscaping projects, including projects at the beautiful Calgary Zoo. Learn more and hear directly from our proud clients on our testimonials page. 

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© Copyright 2019 - Ananda Landscapes. All Rights Reserved. | Privacy Policy | Sitemap