Keep your space exclusive

Your own private sanctuary

Your outdoor space is the place where you come to relax. With privacy screens, your oasis becomes your own private area, away from the neighbours or the passersby. Choose from many different materials and styles to secure your privacy. An outdoor oasis is your sanctuary, ensure a higher level of comfort with stylish architecture for your privacy.

Features of privacy screens

Add seclusion and style to your outdoor space with privacy screens. They can be used for decks, patios, hot tubs, and fences. Choose from a variety of materials for your screen:

Bamboo • Portable • Wood Lattice • Vertical Screens • Shrubbery 

Privacy Screens & Wind Solutions

Privacy screens allows for a higher level of comfort in your yard. Enjoy a nice night in the hot tub without worrying about people around you. As well, privacy screens put an end to brisk breezes, letting your oasis remain safe from the intrusion of wind.

Style, function & design experts

While deciding on your privacy screening, it’s important to look at your yard and think about your style. Ananda Landscapes journey’s with you through the design process in order to keep your sanctuary consistent through the different elements of the yard. With the many styles of privacy screens, consulting a specialist with allow for you to choose the right style not just for its aesthetic purpose, but because of its functionality as well. Our experts know how to install your privacy screens with confidence that they will serve their intended purpose.   

Benefiting your lifestyle

No more nosey neighbours, and no more worrying about being in the hot tub in your favourite bikini. Privacy screens allow for more comfortable conversation, and entertaining. It’s your sanctuary and now you can do what you want in it knowing it’s a secure and private space.

Building Ambience with Ananda:

Let your worries can melt away. With privacy screens, your outdoor oasis becomes your own exclusive sanctuary, free from uninvited guests. Ananda Landscapes creates privacy screens that add to the style of your outdoor living area, minimizes wind, and enhances your outdoor experience. Think about your backyard, where  do you require privacy screening?

  1. Where do the majority of passersby come from?
  2. Do you have any special places you want to keep to yourself?
  3. Where do the highest winds come from?

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"I definitely would recommend Ananda to anyone looking to renovate their backyard. The product we came out with is phenomenal!"

We have worked with many wonderful clients and have designed and constructed a wide variety of landscaping projects, including projects at the beautiful Calgary Zoo. Learn more and hear directly from our proud clients on our testimonials page. 

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© Copyright 2019 - Ananda Landscapes. All Rights Reserved. | Privacy Policy | Sitemap