Creates dimension in your outdoor space

stylish and functional retaining walls

Retaining walls are landscape structures built to resist the lateral pressure caused by loose soil or water pressure. Many retaining walls design add dimension to a landscape. The wall’s elevation improves drainage and can even become a seat for your guests.

Features of a retaining wall

We build custom retaining walls from a variety of materials that meet your needs match your landscape:

Gabion Walls • Segmental Block Walls • Stacked Stone • Poured Concrete • Wood-look Concrete

retaining walls add dimension

When you are installing retaining walls it is important to consider your space, quality of soil, and what else you plan to put in the yard. Retaining walls often complement lowered entertaining areas.

the importance of Retaining walls

Ananda Landscapes retaining wall designs are practical and attractive.  We produce gravity, cantilevered, sheet piling, bored pile, anchored, soil strengthened, soil nailing, and mechanical stabilization.

When the snow melts mudslides can happen. To ensure the beauty of your landscape, retaining walls manages water movement to ensure effective drainage. It also adds functional and attractive dimension to your garden.

Benefiting your lifestyle

Protecting your yard from the elements doens’t have to be unattractive. Ananda’s retaining walls give both security, and style. Retaining walls are the best solution for the unwanted displacement of water of mud.

Building Ambience with Ananda:

Retaining walls are important features in order to keep your yard looking great, no matter what the unpredicatable elements are doing that day. Let Ananda protect your yard with retaining walls. Think about the following questions:

  1. Are you worried about flooding?
  2. Do you question your drainage system?
  3. Would you like an added dimension to your yard?

Bring your
outdoor oasis


"I definitely would recommend Ananda to anyone looking to renovate their backyard. The product we came out with is phenomenal!"

We have worked with many wonderful clients and have designed and constructed a wide variety of landscaping projects, including projects at the beautiful Calgary Zoo. Learn more and hear directly from our proud clients on our testimonials page. 

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© Copyright 2019 - Ananda Landscapes. All Rights Reserved. | Privacy Policy | Sitemap