When Ananda Landscapes designs your perfect backyard escape, we work with you to help you choose your new patio furniture. Home and garden furniture is designed to last for ages, so it’s important to find the furniture that really embodies your style and personality.

When deciding on colours for your patio furniture, think about the colours that will add contrast to your outdoor space. For example, earthy red and brown tones will add great contrast to a backyard filled with lush green grass, while bright colours will pop against a dark deck or stone patio. Also think about how you will be using the space. If you will mostly be entertaining outside, dark colours will hide wear and tear. If you intend to use your outdoor space as your private sanctuary, soothing blue furniture with glass tables will evoke serenity.

It’s important to choose furniture materials that won’t rust and weather over time. Fortunately, most modern patio furniture meets these specifications. Once you decide on your large pieces of furniture, you can think about accessories. Although accessories are usually associated with interior home décor, you can find unique lanterns, clocks and other accessories that compliment your outdoor design aesthetic!