Whether you’re entertaining guests or just enjoying a quiet, relaxing evening with your significant other in your outdoor space, a cozy courtyard feel can make your backyard seem like an escape from the reality of everyday life!

Consider surrounding a dining table with a variety of plants to create an intimate space for you and your special someone. Adding night lighting can also help to create an enchanted courtyard setting that you can enjoy even when you are inside your home looking out. Imagine enjoying a meal while listening to the relaxing trickle of a beautiful water feature. How romantic and serene!

Hanging plants is another option for adding to the feel of a courtyard retreat. Another benefit of hanging plants is that they can protect you from the sun while you’re lounging in your outdoor space during the day. Accent your space with a relaxing colour palette, like dark autumn hues, to add to the feeling of intimacy and warmth. Whether day or night, you are sure to enjoy relaxing and entertaining in your brand new cozy courtyard retreat!