One of the most exciting aspects of Halloween is decorating your front yard and entryway with spooky decorations. Below are a couple ideas for different Halloween decorations that you can incorporate in with the existing style of your backyard’s landscape design.


custom calgary halloween backyard

For a simple Halloween touch to your entryway, buy small Halloween decorations such as figurines of witches and cats. Place the figurines in your existing potted plants and garden area. Find some twigs and sticks in your yard, and place them in the potted plants so that they look like arms and hands sticking out. Finish off the space with a pumpkin or jack-o-lantern.

If you already enjoy your outdoor lighting, why not go the same route for Halloween? Many retailers sell strings of Halloween lights with bulbs incased in coloured pumpkins, ghosts and bats. Hang the lights on trees, bushes or around your entryway. For an eerie look, switch-up some of the angles on your existing outdoor lighting to cast spooky shadows in your yard.

The level of kid-friendly fun or downright scary you choose to go with your decorations is up to you. If you have kids, there are many kid-friendly crafts than can be turned into outdoor Halloween decorations. For example, if your kids are too young to carve pumpkins, have them paint faces on them instead. When decorating your custom backyard, keep in mind the only rule of Halloween, which is to have fun!

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