Updated May 21st, 2019

At Ananda Landscapes, we are dedicated to understanding your individual needs and working within your budget to help you create the backyard of your dreams. The first step of our process is consulting with you to find out about your personal style. From there, our team of landscaping professionals begins putting the many elements that go into designing your ultimate backyard escape together. We encourage you to think about some of these factors as your first step to rejuvenating your landscaping and outdoor space. Outdoor space can be used in multiple ways and it is up to you to ultimately decide how you want your space to reflect your needs. Ananda Landscaping professionals are flexible to provide services to fit an array of different styles and visions. 

First, think about what style of seating best suits your lifestyle. If you love entertaining in your outdoor space, we can orchestrate a variety of seating areas centred around water features, fire bowls, and other conversation pieces. Entertaining can be taken to the next level with a beautiful outdoor area that friends and family can enjoy. We have products that are built to last in harsh climates like Calgary’s so you don’t have to worry about not having the right materials to host an amazing backyard get together! Adding conversation pieces can completely change the feeling and complexity of a backyard, making your space look like a hot place to be all summer long! 

If you prefer your backyard to be your private blissful retreat, we can arrange for relaxing patio furniture that you can lounge the day away in. Lounge chairs are a perfect way to enjoy the sun when you’re sitting in them, and when they are waiting to be used, they look inviting and stylish! We can also create subtle, natural privacy barriers in your backyard, depending on your level of privacy needs. Using barriers that enhance your space is essential to making it feel composed, not small and cluttered. Ananda Landscapes takes pride in highlighting preexisting features in your backyard while transforming your space to match your dreams! 

Another element to consider for your backyard oasis is the amount of shade you would like through the area. While some of us enjoy spending the afternoon basking in the warmth of the summer sun, others might prefer a gazebo or canopy to rest under. Gazebos are a great option for those who want an extra structure to reflect the sun, create an inviting area to relax, and have another area to decorate! They’re great for entertaining in the summer months so your guests can stay cool, but also can get the most out of your space with you! You can also use temporary shades like awnings or umbrellas to get the best of both worlds. Awnings and umbrellas are a great idea if your yard has moving shade. They can be easily stored when the shade naturally comes into your backyard or in the evening when the sun goes down. There are many opportunities for you to customize your yard in ways that suit your desired aesthetics, as well as meeting your needs for functionality. 

One of our great company features is the 3D sketches that we produce! We collaborate with you to present the perfect plan for your space. The 3D aspects recreate your backyard to make it easier to communicate visions and assure you’re more than happy with the final product! Client communication is key to us when creating your backyard oasis. The sketches come to life when we work with you to check all the boxes on your new backyard. Ananda’s professionals are passionate about highlighting your backyard and creating an extension of your living space outside!

Contact us today to start designing your perfect backyard retreat! Don’t forget to download our brochure for all your design needs and inspiration. 


3D sketch planning a Calgary backyard and accompanying patio furniture
3D planning sketch of a Calgary backyard featuring a fire pit, gazebo, and outdoor kitchen
3D sketch of a backyard fire pit and kitchen designed by Ananda Landscapes

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© Copyright 2019 - Ananda Landscapes. All Rights Reserved. | Privacy Policy | Sitemap