Help Your Garden Get Ready For Spring

by | Feb 2, 2017

Landscaping in Calgary is an annual battle against the cold. We have tips and tricks to help your plants survive the winter with our 3 key tips to help your garden get ready for spring. Remember, it is always best to consult a landscape designer to ensure that your garden is ready for the snowy winter.

help your garden get ready for spring

1. Bring Your Plants Indoors

If you can bring flowers, vegetables, or herbs in from the cold this will help to increase their season and help them to continue to grow if the conditions are right. Place plants in sunlight and within a warm environment.

The best option to promote growth and maintain fruit-bearing plants is to use fluorescent grow lights for about 12 hours each day, plus regular misting to counteract dry indoor air.

help your garden get ready for spring

2. Use Mulch

Mulch your garden beds with leaves collected from your garden or buy some mulch from your local landscaping supply company. The leaves or mulch will act as a protective layer to help keep soil temperatures from dropping as quickly as they would without a buffer. Be generous with mulch and be sure to cover all roots.

Come spring the leaves will break down and will feed the soil with a nutritious leaf mold. Keep up the mulch efforts as this will help to limit weeds and maintain moisture throughout the rest of the year.

help your garden get ready for spring

3. Feed Your Garden

When it’s cold outside it’s easy to forget about your garden. Get into the habit of creating your own compost with kitchen scraps and store-bought compost. This will help keep your garden happy and healthy.

Using compost, leaf mold, and mulch are three of the best ingredients for caring for your outdoor plans. In saying that, these three ingredients should also be used throughout the year to maintain life.

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