Sometimes it only takes one change to your backyard to help you uncover the ideal lifestyle that will make you smitten with your outdoor space all over again.


With the rather short spring and summer season in Calgary, it’s sometimes difficult to put forward the effort into creating a charming and enjoyable backyard space. A backyard truly becomes an extension of your home, creating an outdoor oasis that you and your family can enjoy. Adding property borders, a deck, a courtyard, a fire source or lighting will make your backyard a space that you and your family will adore and treasure for years to come.

Property Borders
The addition of a fence will create privacy and security while providing a border to your outdoor living room. If a fence is not in your landscaping vision, and you prefer an open concept, a small retaining wall may be a more suitable choice.

A deck can be a magical addition to your backyard. Try stamped concrete or perhaps create a small patio with brick or beautifully layered rock. This will add depth to your backyard and provide a welcoming visual for your guests.

If you want to maximize your backyard space, plan your backyard with small courtyards throughout, outlined with modest retaining walls. This will give your backyard a desirable layered effect and will make the space look much more uniform and organized.

Fire Source
Fire-pits or a beautifully constructed fire bowl, will provide you backyard with extra warmth and provides versatility across both the winter and summer months. Your guests are guaranteed to be fascinated!

Think about how the layout of night lighting adds perspective to your backyard. In most cases less is more, and non-linear light positions are suitable for almost all backyards. Lighting adds drama to your backyard and flows with the enchanting landscape.

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