How to grow vegetables all year round

by | Feb 20, 2018

Enjoy Your 5 a day all year round

It is always sad to see our vegetables and herbs disappear when winter approaches, but it doesn’t have to be that way. You can enjoy your homegrown goodies all year round.


Building a mini greenhouse is easier than you think. They can be built with plastic sheeting, large plastic bottles – even photo frames! If you aren’t feeling creative there are many suppliers of mini greenhouses like Home Depot and IKEA. A greenhouse is a smart strategy for will keeping your plants warm during the cold winter months.


The plants that grow best in these conditions are:

 – Aubergines

– Oregano

– Asparagus

– Lettuce

Cold Frames

Winter crops thrive in cold frames. These boxes are bottomless with a glass top that you can build yourself with old windows, large photo frames, or you can purchase them readymade at Home Depot, Lowes, Amazon and more. Cold frames are great for drainage and protection from the cold.


The plants that grow best in these conditions are:

 – Seeds

– Salad Greens

– Radishes

– Carrots

– Lettuce

indoor vegetables

Move indoors

Moving your herb and vegetable garden indoors can often add style and class to your home. Make sure to position your plants in a place with plenty of warm sunlight. Protect your plants from the damage of heat and air conditioning by spraying your vegetables with water.


The plants that grow best in these conditions are:

 – Herbs

– Carrots

– Sprouted Seeds

– Small Fruits

– Lettuce

Hopefully these gardening hacks will help you reap the benefits of winter harvesting!

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