One of the best parts of having an incredible outdoor space is the ability to host unforgettable patio parties during the summer. We’ve put together some excellent tips to make your patio party a night to remember.

1. Prep before guests arrive.

Have you ever hosted a party and spent the entire night stressing out instead of having a good time? This can be avoided by planning ahead. Before guests arrive, have food, drinks and furniture arrangements set. Have extra ice, snacks and seating inside ready to be used if needed. Have the food you plan on grilling prepped earlier in the day as well.

2. Let your guests do a little work.

We’re not suggesting you have your guests serving appetizers on trays; there are several fun ways to let your guests interact and save you some effort. Set up some DIY food stations, with everything guests need to make their own kabobs or pizzas to finish off on the grill.

3. Add fire and light.

Night lighting and fire pits are a sure fire way to add coziness and drama to your outdoor entertaining area. Choose lighting accessories that will act as décor and help keep the guest to insect ratio of your party in check.

4. Set the tone.

While your patio party doesn’t need to have a “theme”, you can still set the tone through colours and music. Bright summer colours, classic rock music and bottles of beer will set a completely different mood than dark jewel tones, classical music and a wine bar.

5. Fun and games.

Whether your guest list includes kids, or simply kids at heart, have a variety of activities readily available in your backyard. Some of our favourites include ring toss, badminton, croquet and bocce ball.

Follow these tips so that when it comes time for your patio party, you can relax and enjoy delicious food and delightful company.

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