What do you use to create a beautiful lawn? Many people use pesticides and fertilizers to create the ideal outdoor space. But there is a rising concern with using these chemicals for lawn care, including environmental and personal health effects. There are many natural ways to improve the quality of your lawn without bringing these chemicals into the picture.

natural lawn care alternatives

1. Choose suitable grass types

First, it is important to plant grass that is suited to the Calgary environment. These grasses include Sheep’s Fescue, Hard and Creeping Fescues, and Blue Grama grass. By choosing these varieties for your lawn, you will minimize the amount of watering needed. When it comes time to mow the lawn, choose a height of 2 to 4 inches. Leaving your grass longer will allow the grass to hold more water.

2. Minimize weeds

Rather than waiting for weeds to grow and using chemicals to stop them, use newspaper or plastic covered with mulch to stop weed growth before it starts. Weeds are less likely to grow in organic soils and in areas where grass is thick, so overseeding is another good idea to lower the risk of weeds. Overseeding is best done in the early spring and fall.

3. Choose natural fertilizers

If you find weeds popping up in your lawn, use natural fertilizers such as grass clippings, which provide a slow-release option for getting rid of weeds. Grass clippings also provide nutrition and moisture to your grass so make sure to leave the clippings from the mower on your lawn. If your lawn is healthy, the clippings will decompose on their own.

When your lawn is beautiful and strong, it is important to consider the amount of water you’re using on it. To water your lawn the right amount, place a Frisbee beside the sprinkler and only water until the Frisbee has been filled. This is the exact amount of water your lawn needs, and it will encourage the grass to grow deep and strong roots. Follow these tips to have the perfect lawn to complement your backyard paradise.

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