Hiring a company to revamp your landscape is an investment and, as with any of your investments, you never like to see them depreciate. Luckily, there are steps you can follow to maintain your yard and protect your investment. The majority of these steps are quite inexpensive and easy to complete.

Grass Length

It’s in your best interest to cut your lawn to approximately 4 inches in length if you live in an area where you are expecting snow. Maintaining grass at this length for the fall season helps prevent snow mold disease which could result in dead spots throughout your lawn. Be careful to not cut your grass too short because accumulations of snow could damage grass roots which could also leave your grass with dead spots in the spring.

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In the fall, take the time to help strengthen your lawn and repair any damaged areas before the cold and snow of the winter months arrive. Fertilizing your lawn before the snow falls goes a long way to help improve the health of your lawn. Which in turn will help improve the color of your lawn as well.

With appropriate fertilizer, color should be improved by the end of the cold months.

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Collect Leaves

Raking and removing the leaves from your lawn allows the grass to benefit from the last bit of sun exposure it needs. Also, by removing all the leaves from your lawn before the snow falls, you reduce the chance of material decomposing on the top of your grass. If the leaves are left to rot, the grass can lose its color or even die by the time spring rolls around again.

Leaves being left on lawns for long periods of time is one of the main contributors of grass dying.

Drain water lines/Irrigation

It’s very important for you to remember to always drain your water lines. This is a must every year in preparation for the winter season.

Like many components of your landscaping, irrigation systems are a sizable investment and it’s very important to maintain them to protect that investment. If water lines are not drained or blown out, major components of your water system could be corrupt or broken by the first freeze. As we all know, when water freezes it expands and when water is in your lines as it freezes it has no option but to burst out of the lines.

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Aeration of the lawn

Aeration involves using a tool or a machine to make small shallow holes throughout the soil in your lawn. These small holes allow water, air and nutrients to more easily get to your lawns roots so your grass grows much stronger and thicker. The shallow holes also decompress the soil which in turn makes it easier for your grass to grow and stay healthy.

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Maintaining your landscape to ensure its longevity is an inevitable chore. While no one likes to see their yard appear unmaintained, without some level of ongoing investment, the climate/seasons will take their toll on your property.

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