Many Calgarians have noticed a large increase in the number of wasps in our city. Due to the weather patterns changing from cool and wet to hot and dry, Calgary’s wasp colonies are increasing rapidly. At this point in Calgary’s summer, wasp populations have exploded in the nest, and the insects are looking for new food sources. Even though wasps are beneficial to your garden, it is important to remove their nests if they have the potential to be disturbed and cause harm in your backyard. If your nests are in hard to treat areas, it is important to call in a professional. However, for some cases there are natural ways to treat these nests on your own.



Things to Remember

The best time to eliminate wasps is early in the morning or at night when the insect’s vision is poor and the colder air reduces flight. Many wasp nests are in the ground. The best way to get rid of wasps is by pouring a soap and water solution into the nest, however this method increases the danger of stings. To reduce this danger, wear tight, protective clothing including goggles and gloves.




To make your own wasp trap, first take a plastic bottle and cut the neck off. Take the lid off the neck and place the neck upside-down into the top of the bottle. Tape or staple the neck securely onto the bottle. Put the bait into the bottle, making sure the bait doesn’t fill the bottle to the top. Good choices for bait include meat, dishwashing liquid and water, mashed grapes or sugar and lemon juice. After the bait has been placed in the bottle, tape string to the bottle and hang or place it near the wasp-infested area.

Before emptying the trap, pour hot soapy water into the funnel to make sure the wasps are no longer alive. Also keep in mind that wasp bodies release a chemical that can alert other wasps, so disposing of the insects appropriately is important.


False Nests

Wasps are a territorial insect that will not build their nests near another colony. To mimic a real wasp nest, there are many products available that can be hung in the backyard. When wasps see these false nests, they are less likely to build their nest near it.

It’s important to remember that wasps are a natural part of the outdoor space, and they should only be removed if they are causing danger in your backyard. They naturally control pests and help with pollination, so leave them alone when you can. If you’re dealing with bee’s nests, do not try to get rid of them. Call in a beekeeper to take them off your hands if they are bothering you.