Lighting is just as vital to landscaping design as plants and water features. You can set a mood and transform an entire space with the placement and design of lights. They can also be used to define multiple spaces in one backyard. If you like to throw large parties in your backyard, lights can divide up multiple areas, creating spaces with different functions.

Great lighting can also enhance the architectural features of your home by complementing your landscaping and outdoor features. You can enjoy the ambience created by good backyard lighting even when you are inside your home. The security of your home will also be improved when your backyard is illuminated at night.

There are many different ways to illuminate your landscape. Ananda Landscapes can work with you to design the perfect outdoor living space for your lifestyle. Lights can be incorporated into your outdoor living space around water features, dining and gathering areas and even steps and railings. If your family likes to gather regularly in one area of your backyard, we can create a custom fire bowl to bring you light and warmth in all seasons. We can even install an outdoor fireplace to give you the feeling of an outdoor living room!