Updated: May 01, 2019

Lighting is just as vital to landscaping design as plants and water features. You can set a mood and transform an entire space with the proper placement and design of good lighting. They can also be used to define multiple spaces in one backyard. If you like to throw large parties in your backyard, lights can divide up multiple areas, creating spaces with different forms and functions. Of course in Calgary we spend many of our evenings in our backyards, and just because the sunlight is gone doesn’t mean you should stop enjoying your time with family and friends. Bring your landscaping to life when the sun goes down with the proper placement of outdoor lighting!

Great lighting enhances the architectural features of your home by complementing your landscaping and outdoor features. You can enjoy the ambience created by good backyard lighting even when you are inside your home. The security of your home will also be improved when your backyard is illuminated at night.

At Ananda, before we start landscaping, we sit down with you to plan out your design to make sure we build your perfect backyard solution. Our designers go above and beyond the standards of landscaping design, and we like to include you in the planning of your landscape.

When it comes to lighting, it can be difficult to visualize what the lighting might look like from a 2D sketch. Our designers sketch and design in 2D and 3D to provide you with some remarkable visuals to help bring your personal landscape ideas to life. Below are some examples of 3D renderings for past clients that help the imagination visualize what the lighting will look like at night. Below the renderings are some photographs of completed backyards that the Ananda team designed and built.   

Lighting is an important step. Don’t let your outdoor space go to waste when the sun goes down. There are many different ways to illuminate your landscape and extend your living room into the outdoors. Ananda Landscapes works with you to design the perfect outdoor living space for your personal lifestyle. Lights can be incorporated around water features, dining and gathering areas, and even steps and railings. Where there’s a will, there’s a way. If your family likes to gather regularly in one area of your backyard, we can create a custom fire bowl to bring you light and warmth year-round. We can even install an outdoor fireplace to give you the feeling of an outdoor living room!

Be sure to see our ‘Outdoor Lighting‘ section for more examples from our collection of works, and if you are ready to get started on your landscaping project, reach out to us for a free consultation by clicking the green button below.

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© Copyright 2019 - Ananda Landscapes. All Rights Reserved. | Privacy Policy | Sitemap