St. Patrick’s Day often marks the last stepping stone to spring, where the days grow warmer and evenings in your custom backyard landscape begin. When creating your outdoor lifestyle, it’s important to think of the colours that bring you and your family joy. In celebration of St. Patrick’s Day, we have come up with a few ways to integrate festive green accents into your family’s custom backyard space.


Integrating the colour green. 

Green is an incredibly versatile and calming colour. It blends well with other colour palettes and signals vitality and life. Using a touch of green as an accent piece on a doorway or chair is a subtle way to bring green into your outdoor space. Once specific colour palettes are determined, you can bring other elements into the mix according to the warm or cool tones you choose.

Green-only garden.

A monochromatic landscape is extremely pleasing to the eye. We have created many gardens in the past that have utilized greenery only. As neither a distinct warm or cool colour, green offers a magnificent neutral shade to an outdoor space. Using a variety of green plants in a distinct area will create a beautiful monochromatic landscape and give your garden a visual edge.

Using greenery for function.

Have you ever envisioned a privacy screen for your customized backyard? If you are looking to take a step towards natural landscaping, there are many ways to create natural screens (also referred to as vertical gardens). In the unpredictable Calgary climate, it’s best to use Feather Reed Grass or Chinese Silver Grass when creating a natural screen.

As you envision your ideal custom landscape, begin to think about the colours that trigger positive emotions for you. Whether green is your colour of choice or not, remember to spread the luck of the Irish to your friends and family as you enjoy a peaceful evening in your perfect outdoor lifestyle space.

Wondering how to go green in your backyard space? We’d love to chat with you about how our customized landscaping services can create the perfect backyard space for your lifestyle