As with any great company that experiences tremendous growth and development there are people behind the forefront windows.

Bringing fun, play, creativity and commitment to work each day, and sharing these parts in every moment of every day, Ananda Landscapes introduces to you three ladies whom enjoy these attributes as our 2011 season starts to take form and leaps into action.

Theresa Marshall. Assuming the role as Ananda Landscapes’ Office Manager, and with excitement for our new season, Theresa shares the amazing possibilities and creations that are able to flow to any outdoor living space with Ananda’s clients. Bringing an impeccable communication skill-set to the office, Theresa maintains a clear focus on all of Ananda’s staff, processes, deadlines and customer service to ensure overall satisfaction. She also holds a complete thoroughness of tracking the costing of Ananda’s various landscape projects and ensures all projects are priced within actual costs of fulfillment.

Jessica Dubiel. Born and raised in Germany, Jessica has obtained a Bachelor Degree in Landscape Architecture from the University Bernburg in Sachsen-Anhalt. Inspired by Ananda’s goal to create enjoyable outdoor living rooms for our clients, Jessica’s strength is in tailoring consistent and high quality concept and master designs for Ananda’s clientele. She creates and develops multi-functional outdoor spaces for families to enjoy, while handling cost estimates and assisting in project and team management. Jessica is returning for her second season at Ananda Landscapes, and is inspired and excited to share wholeheartedly her joy and passion with our clients and her creations for them.

Priscilla Fulmes. Also returning for her second season at Ananda Landscapes, Priscilla is a highly motivated individual who openly shares her passion for landscape architecture. Completing a Bachelor of Environmental Design, Landscape Architecture from the University of Manitoba, Priscilla’s experience and knowledge in landscape architecture allows her to listen to Ananda’s clients’ requests and successfully design beautiful outdoor retreats which engage the clients. As a Junior Landscape Architect Priscilla is involved in both the conceptual and master planning stages of Ananda’s projects and is responsible for developing detailed plans and illustrations, while presenting design work to our clients.

Creating your retreat and oasis is an easy way to escape into your own backyard and energize your being. The Ananda team is ready to play with you and your yard!