If you’ve been outdoors lately, you have probably noticed (and felt) an unusually large amount of mosquitos. While these tiny creatures are important to our bio system, they can be a huge pest when we are enjoying time outdoors. Recent excess rain in Calgary has lead to an abnormal influx on the insects this summer. If you want your beautiful outdoor space to be a mosquito-free zone, try incorporating the plants listed below into your backyard.


A variety of herbs, including basil, lemongrass, garlic and rosemary, have the ability to naturally ward mosquitos away. The fact that you can also use these herbs to season your favourite dishes is an added bonus!


This plant secretes a scent that keeps mosquitos far from them. At about 45 cm max height, these short plants have pretty lavender blossoms. Ageratum can be planted in any type of soil that receives at least partial sunlight, which makes it ideal for growing in Calgary.


Horsemint is a medium height plant with light pink blossoms. It can be planted in a shaded or sunny area and will grow to 60-90cm. This anti-mosquito is ideal for Calgary, because it can thrive in dry weather and sandy soil.

In addition to plants, you can also incorporate lanterns and Citronella candles and oils into your outdoor space. There are plenty of simple, natural methods to prevent the mosquitos from invading your backyard sanctuary.