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by | Sep 21, 2017

What is a Landscape Designer and Why I should Hire one

Want to understand the benefits of hiring a landscaping designer? Or better yet, what is a landscape designer? Landscape designers or landscape architects take a space and create a masterpiece. They are hired to make outdoor spaces more functional, residential yards more enjoyable, add value to commercial landscapes, or even fix an issue with the current landscape. Projects usually consist of things like designing functional spaces, public parks, backyards, and virtually any outdoor space that you need to be designed. You are hiring an artist that will sculpt a space to suit your purpose.

what is a landscape designer?

Landscape designers draw and oversee the execution of their plans for the outdoor spaces. Traditionally, landscape architects look at the space that they are working with then draw the blueprints. Ananda Landscapes has a unique process where the designer gets to who you are, and the type of lifestyle that you want to live. The next step is to implement the design. 

We are designers, not gardeners.

A common misconception is that we maintain the landscape. This is not the case, however, Ron does have clients that call him from time to time asking for advice. Our team plants all the landscape features and advises on how to care for your products. We have heard stories about how people have tried to DIY their landscape or hired other contractors to do each piece of work which resulted in improper planting and care, causing the plants to die off quickly. Contact Ananda Landscapes to have the design done right the first time.

All Encompassing Services.

Ananda Landscapes is an all encompassing landscape design company. This means that whatever your vision is for your yard, we can make it happen. This includes water features, outdoor kitchens, gardens, screens, and much more. We have extensive knowledge and experience in full service landscape design. What does your yard say about your lifestyle? Let’s create a space that works for you.

Examples of our type of Landscape design work

Landscape designers have a full-service approach to space management, designers do more than just drawing a plan, they liaise with the relevant contractors, schedule the project, and design the structural elements so they work in unison with the foundational elements. Space is well thought out and often requires long term elements to be considered like:


Retaining walls


Irrigation and drainage


Managing errosion


Outdoor kitchens


Water feature installation


Running gas and power lines

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Can you see the value in hiring a landscaping designer? Ananda Landscapes is looking forward to speaking with you about your redesigning your space.