Landscape Designer In Calgary

by | Nov 28, 2017

Your Passionate landscape designer In Calgary

Calgary is home to, well, many beautiful homes. With new luxury homes being built and premium indoor renovations being created often, it is important to ensure that your landscape reflects this same high standard of living. Hiring a landscape designer in Calgary adds value to your property and to your life.

After all, your front yard is the first impression your guest receives when coming to your home. Additionally, in terms of your backyard, this is where most of the entertaining happens!

beautiful wooden pergola with a firepit, landscape designer in calgary

A Landscape Designer is like a Luxury Home Builder

We are lucky to have Luxury Home Designers in Calgary such as West Ridge Fine Homes. These custom home builders, like Ananda Landscapes, really understand the benefits of a space being designed to suit the lifestyle of the homeowner. In addition, every detail is finely crafted with the highest quality materials and the final product is outstanding for every party involved.


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Built to suit your lifestyle

Our landscape designer in Calgary doesn’t start sketching until we have a comprehensive understanding of who you are and the type of lifestyle that you want to live. Therefore, this space will be unique, completely custom, and a dream come to life. Our level of service is unmatched in the industry. If you would like to hear from people who love our work see our testimonials. Also, you can learn more about our design process here.

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Every Element serves a purpose

Achieving true tranquility is a major advantage of designing a custom landscape designer in Calgary. Ananda Landscapes handcrafts your landscape design with natural elements like fire, water, wind, and nature. Achieving harmoney with these elements ensures that you have peaceful balance in your life.

fing shiu garden

The Feng shui of landscaping

It is one thing to feature all of the natural elements in your space and other the master the design. Like any space, feng shui is important. Feng Shui is a Chinese philosophical system of harmonizing everything with the surrounding environment. Designing the space to suit the homeowner, from creating a spa with a view, to a hammock under your favourite tree. Everything has been mindfully placed is the perfect spot.

Imagine stepping out onto your private patio, where a warm breeze brushes your skin, the fire casts shadows on the hardwood polished deck. You inhale the familiar smell of pine trees in your yard. Taking a seat next to the warm fire, you start to relax… the distant sound of your water feature trickling in the background. Take comfort and pride knowing that this space was completely designed for you.  

The beauty of custom spaces is that they are completely your own. Our landscape designer in Calgary brings spatial knowledge, integrates the natural elements, and adds value to the property. Ultimately, adding value to your life. You are the muse, the source of inspiration. Imagine having a space that you know has been designed perfectly for you.

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