Your garden is more than just an area for plants; it is a luxurious escape from everyday life. You may use your outdoor retreat for a various purposes; entertaining in your custom outdoor kitchen, warming up by your custom outdoor firepit, or just relaxing. To enhance the relaxation experience, consider meditation gardens. Meditation gardens will evoke calmness instantly, regardless of the viewer’s knowledge of meditation. Here are some ways to transform your garden into a wonderful meditative retreat to be enjoyed by everyone who visits it.

A meditation garden can be the perfect spot to unwind after a long day; whether you enjoy peaceful solitude, or a place to recount the day with a loved one.

backyard meditation calgary

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Getting Started..

To create your meditation garden, try to view it as an outdoor room; an extention of your home. Consider the aspects you find relaxing in your home, and make use of these elements outdoors. Incorporate plants that are native to Calgary. Perennial herbs as well as winter greenery can be planted for visual interest year-round. Think of plants with shapes and lines that are visually pleasing to you. Ensure that the plants you choose are relatively low-maintenance to avoid any potential stress you may face regarding their survival.

The Significance of Circles..

Circles typically represent unity, wholeness, and infinity; a perfect fit for your meditation garden.Your plants should create a circular enclosure, with the centre backyard courtyard embracing a beautiful fountain or outdoor water feature. Water in motion is a perfect addition to your garden as it is calming and relaxing to see and hear.

Around the perimeter of the fountain, use benches to create a seating area. This area can also be used as a relaxing spot to practice yoga poses. Solar lights or candles can be included to highlight your beautiful greenery in the evenings. Enclose the entire garden area with a bamboo-paneled fence that varies in height for a sculpture-like appeal.

When you are considering a new garden idea, keep a meditation concept in mind. This wonderful garden style can serve both visually and spiritually as a relaxing retreat outside of your home.

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