After the frigid weather, we continue to experience in Calgary, it’s hard to imagine venturing outside to enjoy the peace and serenity that a custom backyard space brings. But as the weather has been slowly starting to warm, it’s a great opportunity to start the process of envisioning what you would like your backyard landscape to come summer time. One of the many pieces of the landscaping puzzle, and a great starting point for any landscaping project is how to illuminate your high-end landscaping project?

View our lighting gallery to see how different can work together to illuminate your custom outdoor space.

Path Lighting

Path lighting serves the main function of illuminating the walkway or pathway for the ultimate combination of safety and beauty. Path lighting adds a dramatic effect to your outdoor space especially adding fixtures that emit a soft soothing light. Path lighting can also be used for illuminating perennial beds, as this type of lighting will provide a beautiful glow.


Floodlights serve the main purpose of illuminating an entire area at once. Floodlights are typically installed near a home entrance for added security and tend to be hidden from plain sight, so not to draw attention to them.

Up Lights (Well Lights)

Up lights are placed low to the ground and shine skyward. This type of lighting is an accent and provides a softer, more indirect type of lighting. Usually, up lights are placed in front or behind shrubs or deciduous trees to cast a spectacular silhouette. Up lights can also be used to add a magical shadow effect to your backyard.

Down Lights

Down lights are placed in areas that have height to them. This type of lighting is meant to shine down in a narrow fashion. Down lights are clean and streamlined and can be dimmed to adjust the specific level of light that is desired for that outdoor area – setting a serene mood.


Most backyard or front yards have one feature that homeowners would like to highlight. Spotlights can be mounted above or below the object of focus to shine light exactly where you need it. Spotlights are commonly used on water features and coniferous trees, providing a true relaxation experience.

Surface Lights

Surface lights can range from small to large fixtures. Surface lights are meant to illuminate patios, decks and outdoor stairs at night, also providing a clear view of the walkway.

Have we got you thinking about adding outdoor lighting to your landscaping project? We’d love to elaborate on outdoor lighting styles and the endless possibilities we have to offer – Contact us today