With custom outdoor fireplaces and fire pits being one of the most requested outdoor features, we decided to take some time to review safety for these outdoor design features.

custom outdoor fire place

What Are Outdoor Fire Features All About?

Fire pits and fire bowls are the perfect size for decks, patios and courtyards. Fire bowls are small to medium size bowls that contain a fire, while fire pits are usually rings on the ground made of mortared limestone or a similar substance to keep a burning fire in its place. When burning wood in either of these, try to stick with alder, cedar, hickory, pinion, mesquite, pecan or fruitwoods. Stay away from pressure-treated wood because it can sometimes have harmful toxins that will be released into the air when the wood is burned.

How to Properly Start a Fire..

When starting your fire in a fire pit, fire bowl or fireplace, always start small. It’s easier to build a fire slowly than to tame a large fire that gets out of control. Fire pits and fire bowls should be at least ten feet away from any combustible surfaces or structures. Avoid using gasoline and let your fire burn naturally.

Putting Out a Fire in an Outdoor Fire Pit..

To extinguish your fire, take some of the ashes and spread them over a large surface area to let the fire cool down slowly. After a couple minutes, poor water over the remaining fire and continue to watch until the fire is burned out. 

Follow these safety guidelines to ensure your fire remains in control and safe for everyone. Then you can sit back, relax and enjoy the majestic site of your dancing flames.

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