When thinking about what to plan for the menu of your next outdoor soirée, a kabob station is a must-have on the list. A do-it-yourself kabob station has many benefits including,

1. Simple to prepare ahead of time
2. Easy to execute during the party
3. Interactive for your guests
4. Allows everyone to choose exactly what they want to eat

do-it-yourself kabob station in the backyardPrep:

Start by marinating bite size cubes of raw chicken or steak in a few different marinades before guests arrive. Some popular marinades are barbeque sauce, honey + soy sauce + pepper + garlic, Italian dressing, steak sauce and Asian dressing. Try this chicken marinade recipe idea.

Next, choose an array of fruits and vegetables and cut them into bite size pieces for grilling. Some of our favourites include: green bell pepper, red bell pepper, sweet onions, pineapple, mushrooms, cherry or grape tomatoes.

Station Set-up:

Store the dishes with the marinade and uncooked meat in an outdoor refrigerator or cooler near your kabob station. The fruits and vegetables can be stored in a cool place until your guests begin to arrive. Set out wood or metal skewers for the kabobs next to the food. It’s also a good idea to have paper towels and hand cleaning wipes at the station.


Encourage guests to make their own skewers with the meat and produce of their choice. They can either grill their own kabobs, or you can have a dedicated grill master. Both chicken and beef will cook for around 10 minutes. Chicken needs to be cooked all the way through with juices running clear. Beef can be cooked to the guests’ personal preferences.