custom planning for your backyard

If your day at work wasn’t stressful enough, sometimes the commute home from work is what makes you feel frazzled. Why zone out in front of the television when you can enjoy your own peaceful paradise? The sights and sounds of nature coupled with a light breeze and a glass of wine are all you need to let your stress melt away and rejuvenate yourself for tomorrow. Below is some inspiration for how we can turn your backyard into a relaxing retreat.

Low maintenance, low stress

Sometimes just the idea of having a low-maintenance outdoor space is enough to make you feel relieved. We can choose plants and flowers that are easy on the eyes and easy to maintain. We’ll also help you decide on patio furniture with low-maintenance fabrics that are easy to clean.

A walking garden

Some people, men in particular, find walking to be more relaxing than sitting. A large, lush garden full of greenery with pathways weaving throughout will provide the perfect opportunity for leisurely strolls in a calming setting. Small benches can be placed strategically throughout for stopping points during your reflections.

Tranquil water features

The sound of running water will definitely soothe your stress away. Waterfalls can be hypnotizing to look at as well. By placing waterfalls and water fountains in your outdoor space, you will instantly add serenity to your evenings.

Asian inspired outdoor den

An Asian style outdoor retreat can help you achieve the peace you desire. We can create a custom koi pond and Zen garden for you to relax in every evening. Soft night lighting will complete the look and make your backyard an enjoyable spot to catch the nightly sunset.

Modern Coziness

Many people find the simplicity and clean lines of modern design to be calming. By using a minimalist design style in your landscaping and outdoor space, you will feel at peace when you spend time there. To bring coziness into the space, an outdoor fireplace or fire pit will add warmth and make your backyard oasis multi-seasonal.

These are just some ideas for your inspiration. You can choose an outdoor space that suits your taste and brings harmony and happiness to your day.

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