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Ananda Landscapes specializes in residential landscape design. For Ananda Landscapes our designs are more than just a project, we build getaways, retreats, and virtually anything your heart desires. Our residential landscapes are completely customizable and tailor-made to suit your needs. We provide landscapes that are designed to reflect your lifestyle and to cater to all your outdoor needs.


Full-Service Landscaping, from Design To Build

Our full-service landscaping approach is based on your personal needs. We interview all the people who live in the home to find out what they want to achieve with their space, then we execute the plan that we agree on. Ananda Landscapes residential design experience is truly unique, you deserve a landscape designer that cares.


Your Unique residential Landscape design


We design landscapes that add value to your life, this is achieved by listening to your needs and learning who you are, then we draw a landscape design that reflects this vision. Our designs aren’t limited by your space. There are no limits to what we can achieve together.

WHy CHoose Ananda landscaping

We design and build custom landscapes for your home. Anything is possible with Ananda Landscapes. Imagine these features in your yard:

A Warm Fire Pit • A Blissful Water Feature • An Inviting Outdoor Kitchen • A Garden for Children to Play • A Relaxing Hot Tub • A Deck with a Gorgeous View

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A Dream Landscape Design Project

Ananda Landscapes has designed some of the most beautiful landscapes in Calgary. Our team designs spaces that are as unique as the people who it is built for.

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“We decided that Ron had a lot of integrity, and we would feel very comfortable working with him. We will be using them again next year!”

We have also worked with clients like the Calgary Zoo. Hear more about our projects from our proud clients.

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