Is your garden prepared for the fall? As we begin the last month of summer in Calgary, it’s time to make some adjustments in your garden. Make the most out of your garden by preparing it for winter and the following spring. Remember, when the first frost hits, it’s time to start winterizing your landscape. Here are a few tips to make the most out of your beautiful outdoor space.

1. Pruning and fertilizing – if any of your trees or shrubs show signs of disease or are vulnerable to disease, make sure to prune them to avoid worsening the disease over the winter. Fertilize in late-September or early-October to help your landscape last through the winter.

2. Fall cleanup – make sure to remove any diseased plants to avoid letting the disease last throughout the winter. Also, any plants that have finished blooming should be removed as well.

3. Frost warnings – make sure to shelter vulnerable plants when overnight frost warnings are given.

4. Harvest vegetables – pick the last of your vegetables, including any green tomatoes. To ripen green tomatoes, put the entire tomato plant in your garage. Keeping the tomatoes on the vine will help the ripening process.

5. Pick herbs – any leftover herbs can be dried or frozen to last throughout the colder months.

6. Plant any trees or shrubs – September is the best time to plant trees in your backyard. Remember to keep them well watered.

7. Establish your lawn – cooler temperatures help avoid weed development.

8. Remove weeds – weeds can begin developing again in the fall, so it’s important to remove them. By leaving weeds in the garden over the winter, the problem could worsen for spring.


Even though your garden will soon be dormant for the winter, there are many ways to continue to enjoy your backyard, especially with fire sources or night lighting

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