Adding a privacy screen comes as a second thought for most when planning a custom outdoor space. Privacy screens can be made of many different materials, bamboo being one of our more recent favorites. Think about adding a privacy screen as a beautiful addition to your outdoor space.


Bamboo is a natural, renewable material (regenerates quickly in its natural environment) that will bring exquisite filtered light to your outdoor space. Bamboo has many uses and one of the ways we have been recently integrating it is into privacy screens and panels. Bamboo adds elegance to your backyard through its strength, diverse colour selection, sound cancelling characteristic, versatility amongst small yards and the added eye-catching charm.


Bamboo is a surprisingly strong material that is able to endure the sun and wind (which is a huge concern in Calgary with the recurring Chinook winds) making it a fantastic choice for unpredictable weather. Bamboo ranks as one of the strongest woods, determined by the Janka hardness test; making it a premium choice for privacy screens.

Colour Selection

Bamboo can come in both light and dark hues, making it the perfect addition to any backyard space. The diverse colour selection allows it to act as an accent or focus piece. Bamboo can also be dyed, with the opportunity for it to be cohesive with your entire backyard space.

Sound Barrier

Bamboo is an effective sound guard and has been known to drown out the sounds of traffic and construction. It will effectively muffle noise, allowing you to enjoy your outdoor space more peacefully, which is why most take to the outdoors in the first place isn’t it?

Small Yards

Small backyards can also benefit from a beautiful privacy screen. Utilizing bamboo privacy screens in a small space will provide shade and an extra sound barrier to the passing traffic or businesses around, while still allowing the beautiful and warm light to pass through.


In ancient Chinese tradition it is said that bamboo can be representative of happiness, wealth, and longevity and will create a positive feng shui environment in the home. Add some traditional charm to your backyard with a beautiful bamboo privacy screen.

Planning the perfect custom outdoor space can be an exciting process! Contact us on more ways to integrate bamboo into your custom outdoor oasis.