Tips To Make Your Calgary Backyard Safe

Updated May 21st, 2019

Your backyard should be your own private oasis and like any vacation spot there are safety guidelines to keep in mind, especially when kids and pets are involved. While some of these safety tips apply to every season, there are some guidelines in particular that you should be keeping in mind for the upcoming Calgary landscaping season to make your backyard safer!


The Importance of a Fence

Wooden Fence in Calgary built by Ananda Landscapes

First things first, your backyard should have a fence around its entire perimeter. Fences keep children and pets in, while keeping unwanted visitors out. For added security, place a lock on the inside of your gate, or choose a gate with a lock that can be opened on both sides with a key only. Besides making your backyard safe, fences also add a level of privacy to your outdoor space. It’s also important that your fence is in good condition for structural security as well as personal safety.

Walk along your fence every few months to make sure there isn’t any:

  • Rust
  • Missing planks
  • Damage
  • Broken hinges on the gate.

In addition to the fence around the outside of your yard, you should also have a safety fence around pools, hot tubs and other areas that could be dangerous for children and pets to be around alone.

Safety Checks

If you have playground equipment, swings or backyard furniture, conduct a safety check on regular basis. This safety check should include looking for rust or damage, tightening bolts and covering protruding bolts and sharp objects. Backyard furnishings may start to deteriorate in harsh winters or with extended use, and it’s imperative to ensure all equipment is sturdy to prevent injury. Repairing damaged equipment can be relatively simple when regular checks are done, but if a furnishing is completely broken because it was not previously seen, it could cause injury or be costly to replace.

Taking Care of Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor fireplace in Calgary built by Ananda Landscapes

Decks and wood furniture should be sealed properly, especially before winter weather hits. Consider covering wood patio furniture or bringing it inside for the winter to impede the aging process. As previously said, plastics are not winter-proof! Plastics may become brittle, metal finishing may loosen, or there might be rust in metal joints. Taking care of your outdoor furniture will ensure you get the most use for your money, as well as others are safe while on the furniture. If there is not enough storage space in your house to shelter your patio furniture, finding inexpensive, local storage for the season could be an option to take into consideration.


Outdoor Hazards

Remove old tree stumps, rocks and other extraneous items from the backyard that could be hazardous. Environmental hazards like backyard root systems can seem like a minimal safety concern, but with changing weather, new roots and rocks can appear without warning. Preforming a quick check of the area for anything sharp or irregular in your yard can ensure there is not going to be any unpleasant surprises while others play in your backyard. You should also make sure lawn equipment, gardening tools and lawn chemicals are completely out of reach of children and pets. Sharp tools and chemicals may help you make your yard look beautiful but they are only useful when in proper hands. Children and animals can become seriously injured with mishandled equipment. Simply having a locked box for your lawn care tools or tall shelving systems can work as preventative measures against breaches of backyard safety.

Following these backyard safety tips will help make your backyard a safe haven in every sense of the word!

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