Beautifully landscaped front yards contribute immensely to the curb appeal factor of your home. A stunning landscaped front lawn adds value to the home that is beyond measure. Consider incorporating the natural shape of the lawn, bordering your front lawn, planning access points, adding lighting, and including lawn accents to make your front lawn more appealing.

Front-Landscaping-Ideas-Ananda-LandscapesIncorporate Natural Shape
Consider the shape of your front lawn. Try to work with the natural shape of the ground. Some front yards are steep and curved. In this case, a multi-level or layered effect with a would complement the yard and add depth. If your front lawn is flat, try creating a modest full of various types of greenery to create a sense of intrigue.

Bordering Your Front Lawn
In general, front lawns look larger when there are borders around the perimeter of the lawn. Borders can be filled with small shrubs, flowers or stones. A smooth edging or border creates the look of simplicity and cleanliness.

Planning Access Points
Planning access points forms an integral aspect of a front lawn. If you have an entrance to a backyard, you will need to be mindful of where people will enter and exit. Also, keep in mind how the front entrance to your home will look with the front landscape. If your front yard is linear, try to keep the stairs linear as well. It’s always a good idea to take the structure and flow of the landscape into consideration.

Lighting adds a touch of whimsy when added to a front yard. Lead guests to the front door with lighting. Do not place all of the lights in a straight line as this can look like an airport runway. Try to place lights around areas close to the walkway and choose fixtures that emit a soft light.

Lawn Accents
If your lawn has lack of flow, consider a lawn accent. Front lawn accents can come in many different forms. They can come in the shape of a such as a fountain or pond. Lawn accents can also be in the form of arches or ornamental trees. A lawn accent will give your front yard character.

Try to keep the front yard cohesive. If you decide to play with curves and the cottage feel, try to keep everything that way. This ensures that certain features do not stick out and look as pieces that do not belong. Also view your lawn from all angles to identify if the design fits. Seeing your lawn from separate angles could change your view on the design completely.