When you get an amazing outdoor escape from Ananda Landscapes, you’ll want to spend time out there during the day and the night. Outdoor lighting can help you enjoy your backyard retreat while taking in a beautiful sunset, or relaxing while taking in the soothing sounds of twilight. There are several kinds of outdoor lighting, and they can play on each other to create different effects in your Calgary backyard.

Path Lights – This type of lighting can be low to the ground or on tall posts along pathways in your backyard. While the main function of this lighting is to illuminate a dark path for safety purposes, path lighting can also add a dramatic effect to your outdoor space.

Flood Lights– Floodlights are designed to illuminate a large area at once, and are typically installed near a home for extra security. These lights can be mounted in the ground, or placed on walls or trees. They are usually somewhat hidden from plain site because they are there to serve a functional purpose.

Up Lights– This type of light is placed low to the ground and shines upward. They are typically placed behind shrubs to create a natural, soft glow in a backyard.

Down Lights– These lights are placed in high areas, such as trees or rooftops, to shine light down onto a patio or grass area. They can enhance the visibility in an outdoor sitting area.

Spot Lights – Spotlights are there to highlight special objects in a backyard. They can be mounted above or below the object they are highlighting. Water features look majestic at night with spotlights shining on them.

Surface Lights – These lights are typically mounted onto flat surfaces for safety reasons. They can be used to light patios, decks and outdoor stairs at night.

Lighting serves to make your outdoor space both safe, and enchanting. Ananda Landscapes can design the perfect harmony of lights to make your outdoor living area the most desirable place to spend time after the sun goes down.