Homes are often built on hills and slopes, and are meant to separate or terrace different levels of land. There are a few different types of retaining walls and all are based on what your current back or front yard looks like and how you envision it in the future. Types of retaining walls we’ve decided to highlight are Gabion, Poured Concrete, Wood-look Concrete, Patina, Stacked Stone and Segmented Concrete Block Wall. All are very different and will give your yard a distinct look.



Coming from Italian, meaning “big cage”, the look is both unexpected and inherently natural. Gabions are rectangular mesh baskets filled with rocks. Typically, strategically placed rocks surround and line the outside while the inside is usually a filler material.

Poured Concrete

Poured concrete is a common type of retaining wall and can also be used as a raised flowerbed or small garden. Poured concrete is common because it’s sleek, simple and sophisticated. This type of retaining wall adds a Greek touch in a very contemporary way.

Wood-look Concrete

Wood-look concrete or board-formed concrete uses the same technique as poured concrete but rugged wood is used as the form instead of straight plywood forms. The result is sleek concrete with the natural wood-grain embedded. They have become very popular lately because of the mix of modern materials and the natural texture.


Patina is a tarnish that forms on the surface of copper and bronze and other similar materials after undergoing age and being exposed to natural outdoor elements. Combining metal and poured concrete for a retaining wall, creates a unique appearance. This combination of materials adds an industrial feel and a distinctive edge. 

Stacked Stone

Stacked stone is an age-old technique for creating retaining walls. We have many options available and this type of retaining wall can be created with true stone, artificial stone or rock paneling. Stacked stone is a great option for tiered or terraced plant beds and is used often with our clients.

Segmented Concrete Block Wall

Segmented concrete block walls are beautifully layered concrete blocks arranged in a uniform manner. This type of retaining wall boasts durability and design flexibility. The type of blocks used can be customized according to size and colour and can be tailored for both large and small yards. 

It’s important to have retaining walls constructed by a professional, as proper structure is critical for longevity. Keep in mind that height regulations and proper drainage systems all need to be taken into consideration to ensure the retaining wall is built correctly.

Retaining walls are an absolute must if your back or front yard is sloped. Retaining walls add dimension and beautifully terrace the space. Have any of our retaining wall ideas sparked your interest? We’d love to hear from you. Contact us today to find out what we can create in your outdoor space!