If you find the simple elegance of the orient as inspiring as we do, you can introduce Japanese style into your garden to create the ultimate tranquil sanctuary.

One of the main elements of Japanese style is using clean, precise and careful staging elements to create a peaceful space. By using uneven features such as stepping stones gradually climbing a slope in your backyard, you can accent and showcase the exquisite views of your garden, admiring them as you stroll through it. Another Japanese design technique is creating sculptural centerpieces out of natural stone and rock. Balance these sculptures with trees for a fung shui contrast.

Other prominent features in most Japanese gardens are precisely positioned plants, intricate pathways and water features. This may sound elaborate, but these features are all positioned to focus on selected stones or trees. This elaborately staged sequence will give you balance and create a calming feeling in your garden. If you are going to use a water feature, the strategic placement of vertical and horizontal stones will attribute to the overall peaceful balance of the garden.

At Ananda Landscapes, we can work with you to design striking focal points like these in your outdoor living space. Do you love the idea of a Japanese-inspired garden? Let us help you create the garden of your dreams!