Updated February 15th, 2019

Have you ever heard of the term “Hardscaping?” Hardscaping and Softscaping often go hand-in-hand with landscaping and the creation of outdoor living spaces. Hardscaping is a term that embodies the hard surfaces of your outdoor space. This includes patios, decks, benches, fences, stone walkways and any other hard surface in your outdoor space. While you may picture rolling green lawns and shady trees when you think of a backyard oasis, hardscaping is an integral component in creating the perfect outdoor atmosphere.

One of the biggest benefits of hardscaping is that it expands your living space. When you have a deck or patio in your backyard, it gives you the option of having an outdoor living room, dining room, party space or kitchen. Hardscaping can also enhance your barbecue by allowing you space to prepare, serve and enjoy your meals from the grill. These types of flat hardscaping features can also turn a sloped space into a flat, useable area.

Another beneficial feature of hardscaping is that it sets walkways and boundaries for your backyard. When entertaining in your backyard, a deck or patio usually defines the parameters of the party. Stone walkways also set a specific path for most people to follow. Hardscaping protects your beautiful grass and delicate landscaping features.

Hardscaping features like fences, dividers and grids can create privacy for your backyard. They can also add separation to define certain spaces. Decorative partitions like lattice can also function to hide unsightly features like garbage cans or air conditioners. These tall features also bring an element of vertical interest to your backyard.

Adding hardscaping to your backyard can also bring in colour, texture and art to juxtapose with your exquisite landscaping. Ananda Landscapes will work with you to find the perfect balance of hardscaping and landscaping to help you find your backyard bliss.

Ananda Landscapes will work with you to discover backyard bliss by creating an outdoor space with the perfect balance of hardscaping and softscaping. Have a landscaping project in mind? Contact us for a free consultation with one of our landscaping professionals.