Winter here in Alberta can be particularly rough but that doesn’t mean that your yard has to be! Gardeners don’t be blue, there may be snow but there are lots of ways to warm up your yard and have it ready for spring.


Wintertime is great time to assess and take a look at the hardscape of your yard. As most of your yard will likely be under a foot of snow, you’ll get a better idea of what it looks like without the greenery. This way, you’re able to pin point missing focal points and know what you need to look at for the spring. In the meantime, you still want your yard too look nice, even if it is covered in snow.

Here are some great decoration ideas to consider for your own winter wonderland:


  • Birdfeeder: A beautiful birdfeeder will not only bring in a multitude of birds, but also wildlife like deer, who will lick up the fallen seeds. It’s also a great centerpiece for a yard.
  • Fire sources: When it’s cold outside, the best way to warm up is with an aesthetically pleasing fire source.
  • Use summer time containers: Use your window boxes, hanging baskets, containers and pots that previous held flowers and add some nice evergreen boughs in different colours and textures. You an also accent with larger pieces, such as a mountain ash, which grows beautiful berries during the winter months (meaning more food for wildlife to nibble on too).
  • Outdoor lighting: Outdoor lights or strings of lights look great on banisters, benches, a trellis, or even as stand alone pieces.

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  • Evergreens: These come in different colors and textures making them perfect every design. They also make great focal points all year round.
  • Berries: Different types of berries such as, winterberry holly, can add a nice bit of colour that will provide food for the birds that stick around for winter.
  • Winter shrubs and trees: Frame and anchor corners with a variety of versatile shrubs and trees such as mugho pine or carpet junipers.
  • Karl Foerster Reed Grass – This popular long grass is fully deciduous in cold winter areas, but semi-evergreen in milder winter climates. Leaves emerge early in spring and last until early winter, perfect for Calgary growing season. It’s also a nice contrast to lower lying plants and décor.

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