Calgary has now entered into the beautiful autumn season, complete with beautiful foliage and mild sunny days. Soon the snow will be falling, and the use of your backyard will change until next spring. Even though Ananda’s outdoor fire sources and water features can continue to be used throughout the fall and winter season, it is important to prepare your outdoor living room for the elements. The following are winterization tips for a perfect landscape year-round.

winter-backyard-landscapePond Winterization

First of all, a cleanup of debris should be done in your pond to remove any organic material. Next, turn of all water sources attached to the pond. Then remove and drain all pumps and valves to prevent potential damage to the pipes during freezing and thawing. Ensure that all pipes going to the pond are drained in order to prevent freeze damage.

When winterizing ponds with fish present, ensure that the pH level is appropriate. It is important to provide an adequate amount of oxygen to keep your fish healthy during the winter. You can do this by incorporating a pond heater which maintains an appropriate oxygen level in the water to allow for hibernation. Since your fish will be hibernating, they will not need to be fed, but they will need to have constant access to oxygen through the pond heater.

In order to ensure your pond is ready for the winter, contact a professional in landscape winterization.

Winter Birds

If you are an avid birdwatcher, you can attract beautiful winter birds into your backyard with feeders, baths and bird houses.

Bird feeders
• Ensure your feeders are clean and repaired
• Move them closer to your door for easy access in the cold winter months
• Add a cover to keep the bird seed dry
• Change the food offered to black oil sunflower seeds, suet, or peanuts to supply a high energy diet

Bird baths
• Clean all baths and check for leaks or damage
• Add a heater to keep the bath water from freezing
• Make sure the bath is located in a visible area

Bird houses
• Clean and repair any damage that occurred after the nesting season
• Put up bird roost boxes for small birds to stay sheltered
• Ensure the boxes are hung in a safe place

Keep these winterization tips to mind to maintain your enchanting outdoor oasis throughout the winter season.

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