Work From Your Backyard Home Office

Get Creative With Your Home Office Space

Building Your Outdoor Home Office In Your Backyard

The best of all possible worlds is to work at home and also leave the house to work. How? By putting an office in your backyard.

Working From Home In Your Backyard

Your day would begin like how it normally would. You can get dressed, have breakfast, say goodbye to the kids, then leave out the door ready to take on the world. Walk across your stone path, through your office door, fire up your computer and get to work. Feel the calm, gentle breeze of wind on your skin as your working hard away. Another bonus is, outside the house, you won’t be distracted by anyone inside. You’ll be able to control your environment and focus on work so you can get it done and “go home” at the end of the day.

With spring on the horizon and warm weather on the way, this is the perfect time to consider moving your home office from inside your house, right into your backyard. You can build a backyard office, but you don’t have to. Ananda Landscapes has all the necessary tools to help you build your backyard office. Here are some ideas to help get you started


Your outdoor backyard home office can become whatever you can imagine with the right courtyard. Courtyards are designed to transport you into another world. Your home office can reflect design details from anywhere in the world, beautiful strong pieces that remind you of Italy, or even design flairs that bring a bit of Asia home. Courtyards let your personal style take control, no matter the size of your backyard and home office. If you’re in need of a break from work, you can relax near the flowers, take your yoga mat outside to have a stretch, anything is possible with your personalized courtyard for your outdoor home office!

Privacy Screens

With privacy screens, your home office becomes your own private area, away from the neighbours or the passersby. An outdoor home office is your sanctuary, so it’s important to ensure a higher level of comfort with stylish architecture for your privacy.

Ananda Landscapes creates privacy screens that add to your outdoor home office, while minimizing wind and enhancing your outdoor experience. For more information, please visit our privacy screens page here.


Set the stage for your home office and customize your personal space with a well-made deck. Your deck is the foundation on which your vision for your home office may come to life. Enjoying the sunshine on your custom deck during a long day at work is a dream that many of us have – make it a reality. The practicality of a deck is something that many people find irresistible about them. Having stairs from your home into your backyard, influences the elegance of your home office and makes for a more attractive space. Your outdoor space is entirely your own, so create it your way with a customized deck. Ananda Landscapes builds decks to accommodate your home office. For more information on decks, please visit our decks page here.

There are so many cool backyard home office ideas that homeowners can get inspired by. Ananda Landscapes is only a phone call or email away from helping you bring your landscape visions to life. With many happy customers served to date, our team at Ananda Landscapes is sure we can not only make your backyard home office a reality, but maybe even inspire you to include some features you never thought were possible.