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Set the stage for your yard

We build decks to accommodate your desired lifestyle. Whether you’re using your space for entertaining, for cooking, or for relaxing, a deck customizes your space and adds a personalized touch. A well-made deck sets the stage for your outdoor living space. It’s the foundation on which your vision may come to life. Enjoying the sunshine on your custom deck after a long day is a dream that many of us have – make it a reality. Your outdoor space is entirely your own, so create it your way with a customized deck.

the many features of ananda’s decks

No space is too large or too small. We create the perfect space for condos, homes, and acreages. Using a variety of materials, your deck will exude your own personal taste. There are many choices, including:

Cedar • Mahogany • Cypress Wood • Pine • Red Wood • Exotic Wood • Concrete • Stone

decks set the stage

The practicality of a deck is something that many people find irresistible about them. Having stairs from your home into your yard, or surrounding your hot tub with a deck influences the elegance of your yard and makes for a more attractive space.

deck & patio Installers

With many years of experience planning and building decks, Ananda is your one-stop-shop for all things landscape. From condos and single-family homes to large acreages, Ananda has done it all. After meeting with Ananda, your deck will be designed with your unique style in mind. Each home is different, which is why we get to know our clients before designing their space. This ensures that every need and desire of the client it met, and the deck complements the home, and your lifestyle.

Benefiting your lifestyle

Combining a deck with night lighting means that you will be aware of your surroundings and will be able to utilize your deck into the night without worrying about tripping over stairs. A comfortable deck allows for a pocket of sun and heat, making your outdoor space more appealing than ever.

Building Ambience with Ananda:

A deck is the foundation of your outdoor space. With Ananda, your deck will be entirely customizable to suit your needs. It can take up the entire yard, or be a small portion of the space for your patio furniture. As well, decks attract heat.

  1. Would you like a place to entertain?
  2. How big is your space? What features of a deck do you need?
  3. Would you like more heat attracted into your space?

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outdoor oasis


"I definitely would recommend Ananda to anyone looking to renovate their backyard. The product we came out with is phenomenal!"

We have worked with many wonderful clients and have designed and constructed a wide variety of landscaping projects, including projects at the beautiful Calgary Zoo. Learn more and hear directly from our proud clients on our testimonials page. 

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© Copyright 2019 - Ananda Landscapes. All Rights Reserved. | Privacy Policy | Sitemap