The Importance of Retaining Walls

by | Apr 15, 2018

retaining walls help with drainage

Retaining walls are very important for maintaining the quality of your landscape. Sometimes our homes can become flooded which not only kills our plants, but it causes damage to the structure of the home.

Wall Structure

Retaining walls allow water to drain. Having steep slopes can often look attractive but are often impractical. The right retaining wall will use a gradual incline, have steps, and utilize the vertical forces from the wall itself. This will hold the soil in the hardscape area. The soil will then absorb the moisture to a degree but it is important to have holes in the wall to allow water to slowly release.

Soil Quality

The type of soil used in the retaining wall is another important factor to consider. Select granular soil to allow water to soak deep into the earth or to flow naturally with the slope of the wall. If your soil consists of clay, it will be difficult for the water to move freely and drain. As gravity pulls the water downward, the granular soil allows the water to exit.

Drainage Pipes

Installing drainage pipes into the retaining wall is recommended for houses with drainage problems. Be sure that the pipes are installed in the optimal inlet and outlet sections of the wall. Be sure to speak to a professional before installing this, or contact Ananda Landscapes for a full service retaining wall project. View our retaining wall portfolio here. 

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